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I am a product of West Louisville. I was considered a statistic. I became a mother at the age of 18. My now-husband and I were both considered to be par for the course in regards to society’s expectations for African Americans. We chose to stay together and
raise our children who are now 20 and 23 years old. We beat the odds but we have never forgotten where we came from. We never forgot the fun bike rides down what we called Devils Hill onto Northwestern PKWY. We remember walking to the Portland Boys and Girls Club.

We remember free lunch at Jewell Park and attending Portland Elementary, Western
Middle School, and Shawnee High School. Those times were safe, happy, and poverty was not on full display. We know what West Louisville can be because we witnessed it. Over the last several years Jump Start has focused heavily in West Louisville to create quality homes for homeownership and rental with a strategic balance between the two. I feel that West
Louisville needs more people who have a vested stake in the community and it has been
my mission to create homeowners in an area where many believe is worthless. Jump Start
has accomplished just that.

I have been a developer and contractor since 2008. I am also a licensed realtor. I was
licensed in 2020. The combination of being a realtor, contractor, developer, and investor
that focuses on the affordable housing arena allows me to take a holistic approach to
projects. Over the last 3 years, we have completed full renovations on 40 properties owned by Jump Start or in partnership with other entities that were a combination of single-
family and multi-family residential properties. The purpose of these renovations
has been a combination of creating homeownership through sales and also the
addition of rental units to the market. Jump Start self-manages all rental property
owned. Our preference is to rent to voucher participants because the demographic of
people that are eligible for vouchers have a difficult time locating landlords that are
willing to accept vouchers. I am slated to build 3 single-family constructions for Rebound INC in 2022.

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